Previous Research

There are a number of well-known publications which partially deal with the development of the medieval manor of Bray. These are ‘The Stones of Bray’ by Canon D.G. Scott (1913), ‘No. 9 Irish Historic Towns Atlas Bray’ (1998) by Mary Davies, ‘A History of Bray’ (2004) by Arthur Flynn, and ‘That Favourite Resort’ (2007) also by Mary Davies.

Those which indirectly deal with some elements of the manorial development of Bray include ‘Wicklow: History and Society’ (1994) by Ken Hannigan and William Nolan (eds.) and the more recent ‘The Dublin Region in the Middle Ages’ (2010) by Margaret Murphy and Michael Potterton (eds.).

 There have also been a number of journal publications which deal particularly with the original land grants associated with the manor of Bray. These include the two part JRSAI publications, 'The De Ridelesfords' by E. St John Brooks (1952), and the later 'The grant to Walter de Ridelesford of Brien and the land of the Sons of Turcaill' by L. Price (1954).

Material relating to the extant medieval fabric of the manor of Bray will be discussed in the Extant Fabric section of this website.

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